All Saints

All Saints
U.K. pop group All Saints may have been overshadowed by fellow Brits the Spice Girls, but they nonetheless enjoyed respectable success with multi-platinum albums and number-one hits across the pond. Their singles "Never Ever" and "I Know Where It’s At" brought them international attention and charted in the U.S., but they were not able to truly break into America the way the Spice Girls had.

The group broke up in 2001 for personal and financial reasons, with members pursuing solo careers; allegedly, an argument over who would wear a jacket in a photo shoot was the spark that initiated the breakup. All Saints reunited in 2006 for a third album, but quickly disbanded again. As of 2012, member Melanie Blatt said she no longer had contact with the other members.

Photo by Getty Images Jan 30, 2013


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