Mariah Carey vs. Eminem

Mariah's fight with Nicki Minaj isn't her first battle with a rapper. Carey has had a long-standing quarrel with Eminem that has spanned some 10 years. Her discord with Slim Shady stems from an association turned awry. According to Carey, the two only met a few times, but Em maintains that they dated. After Em rapped about having a relationship with Carey in 2002 on songs 'Superman' and 'When The Music Stops', Carey denied being in a romance with the rapper during an interview on Larry King Live. In 2003, Carey responded to Eminem's claims in her song 'Clown' and used a puppet to mimic the Detroit MC during her tour. Naturally, Eminem fired back, playing alleged voicemails from Carey during his own concerts in 2005. As they continued to trade jabs, things escalated in 2009 when Eminem released the song 'Bagpipes From Baghdad' that attacked Carey and husband, Nick Cannon. Cannon chimed in with a surprisingly, fiery online response that accused Eminem of being racist. Later that year, Carey released the comical song and video for 'Obsessed' that dissed a compulsive, stalker fan who gets run over by a bus. Carey portrays the male character, doning a moustache and goatee. The track prompted Eminem's vicious, self-explanatory song, 'The Warning'.

Oct 5, 2012


Being one of the best-selling female singers of all time hasn't come without its share of setbacks for Mariah Carey. She has been involved in some of Hollywood's nastiest feuds, including a few that are believed to be the cause of her humiliating 2001 nervous breakdown. See our gallery of her most well known cat fights.

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