Mariah Carey vs. Whitney Houston

Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston had an opportunity to dismiss rumors about a so-called feud during their promotion of their 1998 duet, 'When You Believe', for the soundtrack for the animated film, 'The Prince Of Egypt'. The two laughed when the subject came up when they were interviewed together for The Oprah Winfrey Show. "When we got together, it was like magic," Houston told Oprah. "We clicked. We talked, we laughed like old girlfriends." Carey said all the talk of a rivalry was fabricated. "I never even really talked to her until this. We never had any issues between us. The media and everybody made it an issue," she told Vibe magazine. Despite their accounts, tabloids reported that the two were at odds throughout the recording and insisted on taping their vocals separately. They even joked about the allegations when they made a joint appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards wearing the same dress. After Houston’s death in February, Carey offered the opening remarks for a tribute at the BET Awards. She wept as she recalled being nervous the first time she met Houston and spending time with her in London last year. "I miss my friend," she said, "but we will always have the music."

Photo by Film Magic Oct 5, 2012


Being one of the best-selling female singers of all time hasn't come without its share of setbacks for Mariah Carey. She has been involved in some of Hollywood's nastiest feuds, including a few that are believed to be the cause of her humiliating 2001 nervous breakdown. See our gallery of her most well known cat fights.

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