Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez

When Mariah Carey had a nasty, public meltdown during the promotion of her 2001 'Glitter' album and movie, she was dismissed as a diva, who couldn't handle the disappointment of an unsuccessful project, but what really prompted the meltdown? According to reports, the problems had been brewing for three years. After Carey's February 1998 divorce from former Sony Music head Tommy Mottola, he was rumoured to have plotted her demise. Mottola began focusing on a then-new Sony signee, Jennifer Lopez, and is believed to have given her two of Carey's Glitter song ideas. Mottola allegedly trumped Carey's plans to sample Yellow Magic Orchestra's 1978 song "Firecracker" for Glitter's first single 'Lover Boy'. A month after Carey called to secure rights to use the song, Lopez requested it and used it for her breakthrough hit, 'I'm Real', forcing Carey to instead sample Cameo's 'Candy'. The behind-the-scenes antics intensified when Mottola requested that hit'maker Irv Gotti model a remix of 'I'm Real' after 'If We', a song Gotti and Ja Rule had recorded but not yet released with Carey. Though Carey never attributes her breakdown to problems with Mottola and Lopez, she describes the experience as a valuable life lesson. "I consider 'the breakdown' a breakthrough -- I needed to hit rock bottom, however it happened," she told Interview magazine. "I needed to understand the cost of pushing so hard, fighting so hard against the system."

Photo by WireImage Oct 5, 2012


Being one of the best-selling female singers of all time hasn't come without its share of setbacks for Mariah Carey. She has been involved in some of Hollywood's nastiest feuds, including a few that are believed to be the cause of her humiliating 2001 nervous breakdown. See our gallery of her most well known cat fights.

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