Any of Lizzy Grant's old friends who opened Italian Vogue this month could be forgiven for not recognising their old friend. Lana Del Rey transformed herself completely to become the star we know today. She grew up as Lizzy Grant and attended boarding school in Connecticut, singing and performing in her spare time. She had limited commercial success as Lizzy Grant and decided to reinvent her persona, Lana del Rey has said of her decision to change names "I wanted a name I could shape the music towards. I was going to Miami quite a lot at the time, speaking a lot of Spanish with my friends from Cuba - Lana Del Rey reminded us of the glamour of the seaside. It sounded gorgeous coming off the tip of the tongue." While there is no doubting Lana has enjoyed huge success since her reinvention, she has also suffered a massive backlash. Many fans came to feel that maybe Lana wasn't what she claimed to be, striking a fake note with audiences.

Photo by YouTube/Vogue Italia Apr 19, 2013


Lizzy Grant (aka Lana Del Rey)'s old friends might have been excused for not recognising her in the latest Vogue Italia. We check out some of the other music stars who transformed themselves in search of fame.

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