MYTH:Marilyn Manson played the geeky kid in 'The Wonder Years'
REALITY:FALSE. For a long time the urban legend circulated that the kid from 'The Wonder Years' grew up to be spooky singer Marilyn Manson but sadly, as amazing as that would be, the claims were false. The actor who played Paul Pfeiffer in the TV show is called Josh Saviano. Saviano says that the rumour reached fever pitch when he was in college when he would get up to 20 emails a day asking if it was true. For the record, Marilyn Manson's real name is Brian Warner.

Photo by Getty Images Aug 9, 2012


We debunk some of the weirdest wildest rumours from the world of music. The only thing more shocking than the ones that are made up, are the ones that are true!

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