MYTHJennifer Lopez has her butt insured for $1 billion
REALITY:FALSE! This story apparently started after it was reported in the UK and US tabloids that Lopez had insured her whole body for $1 billion, $100 million per breast and $300 million for legs and buttocks combined according to the NY Post. We're sure that J.Lo does have all her assets insured but maybe just not for that astronomical sum. When she was asked recently what the weirdest rumour she ever heard about herself was she said, "The craziest was the Billion Dollar Butt one. It was on the front page of the paper, here in New York. I happened to be in New York that week. It was funny."

Photo by Getty Images Aug 9, 2012


We debunk some of the weirdest wildest rumours from the world of music. The only thing more shocking than the ones that are made up, are the ones that are true!

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