Miley Cyrus

Did you know that the young Mrs Liam Hemsworth-to-be has SIXTEEN tattoos? Miley Cyrus doesn't look like a tatt enthusiast but looks can be deceiving... her most recent tattoo is a Theodore Roosevelt quote on her forearm and her largest tattoo is a dreamcatcher on her right side. She also sports tattoos in the shape of a peace sign, an anchor, a heart, equal sign, ommm symbol, skull, evil eye, and combined roman numeral "VIIXCI". Oh and she also has the words and phrases "just breathe", "love never dies", "karma", "love" and "bad" on her body. Quantity over quality?

Photo by Wire Images Dec 12, 2012


These music stars are all inked up. Some sport sexy skin art while others...well, you wonder if they remembered that tattoos kind of last forever...

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