90s Hitmakers: Where are they now?

Sarah McLachlan in 1997: Back in the '90s, you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing, "Building a Mystery," "Adia," "Sweet Surrender" and the ever-haunting "Angel" from Sarah's most successful album, “Surfacing” (1997). McLachlan then piggy-backed her success to found the all-female Lilith Fair tour in 1997.

Photo by Getty Images Aug 2, 2012


Whether you showed off your bra straps and wore track pants like "Just a Girl" singer Gwen Stefani or blasted through a painful breakup screaming Alanis Morissette's mega-hit song "You Outta Know," the '90s produced a trove of hit-makers for everyone to sing along or jump around to. We catch up with some of our favorites and the most famous and where they are today.

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