Opera by Cetin Alp and the Short Waves (Turkey, 1983)

Not just weird lyrics, but one of the strangest Eurovision contenders of all time – Opera was an ode to the delights of the aria. It didn't make a lot of sense, but listeners were left in little doubt as to what it was about thanks to the seemingly random combination of opera-related lyrics, of which we have a sample here:

Opera, opera, opera, opera, opera / Opera, opera, opera, opera, Carmen, Aida / Opera, opera, tonight at the opera / Tosca, Figaro and Fidelio, listen to the arias

This entry ensured that Mozart et al. were spinning in their graves that night.

Photo by Yahoo! May 23, 2012


The annual weird-fest that is Eurovision is on again this weekend. We check out some of the craziest lyrics and acts from past years.

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