Dancing Lasha Tumbai by Verka Serdyuchka (Ukraine, 2007)

The UK has long been accused by other nations of not taking Eurovision seriously enough, but by the late noughties they were not the only nation with their tongue in their cheek. Imagine Black Lace covering a Mumford and Sons song while wearing Leigh Bowery-inspired avant garde costumes – with nonsense call-and-response lyrics of course – and you are halfway to picturing Verka Serdyucha... And here’s a snippet of the lyrics so you can sing along:

Me English don't understand! / Let's speak DANCE! / Seven, seven, ai lyu lyu / Seven, seven, one, two / Seven, seven, ai lyu lyu / One, two, three!

Photo by Yahoo! May 23, 2012


The annual weird-fest that is Eurovision is on again this weekend. We check out some of the craziest lyrics and acts from past years.

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