Ashlee Simpson

One of the most famous and EMBARRASING lip-synching scandals of recent years, Ashlee Simpson's chances of a genuine musical career started and ended with this live two-song performance on Saturday Night Live. Having seemingly sung her first song 'Pieces of Me' without any trouble, the poppet was left red-faced when the backing track for her next song came on, only for it to be the same dubbed version of 'Pieces of Me' again! Bizarrely,she tried to barn-dance her way out of her shame before dropping the act altogether and bolting off the stage while her band was still playing! Major blow-up.

Photo by Wire Images May 22, 2012


it may be a key trick in the art of live performance, but that doesn't make lip-syching any more acceptable. Following Chris Brown's miming faux pas at the AMAs on the weekend, we take a look back at some of music's most notorious lip-synchers.

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