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Justin Bieber certainly has some loyal fans, also known as 'Beliebers'.


Justin Bieber certainly has some loyal fans (also known as 'Beliebers').

Fans of The Biebs have taken to Twitter and Facebook to send death threats to his girlfriend Selena Gomez, after pictures of the pair canoodling in Hawaii recently were published.

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The 'Wizards of Waverly Place' actress has become the victim of a vicious hate campaign by her boyfriend's fans, with fans telling the star to stay away from the 'Baby' hit-maker.

"Stay away from Justin paedophile," one angry follower wrote on Twitter, referring to the fact Selena is one year older than Justin.

Another tweeted, "I'm gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smell bed."

Selena first incurred the wrath of Justin's loyal fans in January this year, when pictures of the couple frolicking in St. Lucia were published, outing the pair as an item.

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READ: Sick Bieber goes ahead with Manila showREAD: Justin Bieber egg thrower chargedThe newest photos show the young couple kissing in the sea, with Selena, 18, wrapping her legs around the waist of Justin, 17.The enraged fans even went so far as to create a Facebook page called, 'I hate Selena Gomez cuz she is dating my man,' attracting nearly 2,000 fans and hordes of derogatory comments.One fan of The Biebs had a warning for Selena, "If Selena Gomez breaks Justin Bieber's heart, I will break her face I will kill her without kindness."Justin's giant fan base helped him to the number three position on the Forbes Annual 'World's Most Powerful Celebrity' list. The Biebs has over 9 million followers on Twitter, and his 'Baby' video clip has been viewed over 500 million times on YouTube.

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  1. A04:41pm Thursday 17th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    This article is being too nice. These people with homocidial tendencies are nothing more than Psychotic Bitches. Cos a true and loyal fan might be sad they aren't the one getting to canoodle with him, but still happy for him that he is clearly so happy with his gf. People like that should be put in the crazy house and desexed...scary to think of them even breeding. Why can't they just be passionate about him and refrain acting like a rabid dog that needs to be put down ?

  2. Gestapo04:40am Wednesday 09th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Michele i strongly agree with you 100%, it's all getting out of control for what Justin Bieber.

  3. Gestapo04:35am Wednesday 09th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    If the fans love Justin Bieber they should show some respect to selena gomez because thats his gf. So why everyone Idolize Justine Bieber so much he's just a human being not God.

  4. Gareth02:53pm Tuesday 08th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Bloody hell, who fffffff cares

  5. Thomas09:59pm Monday 07th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Pathetic. I wouldn't be surprised if one day Selena will simply leave Bieber for obvious reasons. Fans or otherwise, Bieber and his PR team should take the initiative to remedy this since he does have a responsibility as a public personality to be a proper example to those who 'idolize' him. Is he afraid of losing fans by doing what is right and by being a gentleman to the young lady who loves him? I hope he's got enough guts to tell his fans to be respectful of Selena - that is if he really does love her.

  6. Mark09:32pm Saturday 05th November 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    if selena gomez wants to root her girlfriend, thats her businness

  7. Meatloaf09:24am Tuesday 31st May 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Wow, Beibers first encounter with the Beaver

  8. Paul07:31am Tuesday 31st May 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    wow what a suprise the fans as stupid as the star(i use the term losely), well go figure.

  9. Jim Price07:11am Tuesday 31st May 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Which publicty genius engineered this? How posed is the smooch in the surf? 100% ballyhoo to fuel the flames of the Bieber fire! This kid doesn't have a chance: He's another Corey Haim; well on the way to disaster after he's earned millions for the greedy morons exploiting him!

  10. braden05:10am Tuesday 31st May 2011 ESTReport Abuse

    Poor girls - living in a fantasty world that Justin Beiber is 'their' man. Jelousy is an ugly trait.


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