January 8, 2013, 12:07 pmThe Hype

A worrying online hoax has emerged in "protest" over Justin Bieber's alleged pot smoking debacle.


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The Biebs has copped some pretty harsh backlash from both media and fans since photos were leaked of the pop star smoking what was alleged to be marijuana on the weekend.

Now it appears that some Bieber haters pretending to be "Beliebers" (his hardcore fans) have started a sick online hoax to ride off the media frenzy surrounding his alleged pot smoking.

"Cut For Bieber" and "Cutting For Bieber" became Twitter trends on Monday. The graphic photos posted along with the hash tags supposedly depict "fans" in such states of despair they're cutting their wrists and other body parts in protest over the "Baby" singer's increasingly wayward ways.

While some Twitter users engaged in the trend, others were quick to highlight the seriousness of the issue, and the mental health implications the cutting actually has.

One user tweeted "Ok this cutting for bieber thing is disgusting. It is NOT something to be taken lightly. People really deal with this. Its not a joke. Stop."

Despite the gravity of this "campaign", some Twitter users encouraged it, with one tweet reading "#CutForBieber beiber fans if you are actually cutting yourself for Justin Bieber, pls make sure u cut your neck ok bye :))))))))))))))"

Some showed a sense of humour amidst the sick trend on the social networking site, fighting back by showing pictures of themselves cutting paper with scissors. One such user tweeted "#cutforbieber cutting for Bieber :'( pic.twitter.com/vE49LqC1" along with a picture of him "sobbing" while taking scissors to paper.

One way or another, most users appear to thankfully recognise this disturbing trend as a hoax, albeit one in extremely poor taste.

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