August 2, 2012, 12:36 pm Wendy Geller, Yahoo! Music The Hype

Facebook wall, Facebook wall... who's the most popular musician of all? If you made the credible guess of Lady Gaga, you're wrong! Rapper Eminem has pulled ahead of the shock-pop queen -- and in fact, has set a record with the amount of likes his music page has received to date.


Eminem has taken Lady Gaga's Facebook crown with over 60 million fans. Credit: Getty Images

So, just how many Facebook users like Eminem? According to recent numbers, we're looking at a whopping 60 million. Em is the first artist ever to reach this milestone.

Don't feel too bad for Gaga. Always a leader on Facebook (she has historically managed to outdo a variety of celebs -- even President Obama -- on the platform, and held the most-liked title for a good part of last year), she's still doing just fine; with a more-than-healthy 53 million likes to her name. However, she currently isn't even Em's first runner-up. That title belongs to the Detroit rapper's 'Love The Way You Lie' duet partner, Rihanna, who is hot on his heels with 59 million fans.

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Gaga isn't completely overshadowed by Slim Shady, though. It merely appears her "little monsters" prefer a different social media platform. When it comes to Twitter, she's head and shoulders ahead of Eminem, with more than double his followers. Gaga has close to 28 million Tweeps, whereas Em is "only" approaching 12 million.

Lady Gaga has over 53 million Facebook followers, trailing both Eminem and Rihanna. Credit: Getty Images

That's a nice number, certainly; but a much more worthy opponent for Gaga in Twitter terms is either Justin Bieber (25 million followers) -- or, again, Rihanna. The Barbadian beauty is also quite popular on that platform, with more than 23 million followers.

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