July 30, 2012, 10:02 amThe Hype

Her Madgesty has released an official statement about the 'riot' at her Paris concert late last week.


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On Thursday last week, the original queen of pop played an more intimate version of her MDNA tour at Parisian night club L'Olympia. At the end of her 45 minute live-streamed show, just after Madonna had left the stage, approximately 10 "fans" rushed the stage, throwing bottles at and booing Madonna's stage crew. Initially it was thought that the ruckus was due to the brevity of Madonna's performance -- only 45 minutes instead of the standard concert length of about 90 minutes. Reports now suggest that the it was in fact Marine Le Pen supporters creating a scene and not Madonna's actual fans.

Madonna performing 'Vogue' during her MDNA tour. Credit: Getty Images

The 'Vogue' hit maker has recently felt the ire of the right-wing French politician's supporters after refusing to stop depicting the Le Pen, president of the Front National party, with a swastika on her forehead during her MDNA shows. reports that the group that rushed the stage at the end of the L'Olympia show were in fact Le Pen supporters who where holding pro Le Pen signs during the 45 minute set.Further to this, Madonna took to her official site to release the following statement.From Madonna"Playing the Olympia was a magical moment for me and it was real treat to do this special show for my fans and be so close to them. Unfortunately at the end of the show - after I left the stage - a few thugs who were not my fans rushed the stage and started throwing plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans. The press reports have focused on this and not the joyous aspect of the evening. But nothing can take away or ruin this very special evening for me and my fans. When I looked out in the audience, everyone I saw had a smile on their face. I look forward to having this wonderful experience again."Madonna's MDNA tour has been plagued with controversy since it kicked of in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 31. The controversies have stemmed from numerous sources including the use of Marine Le Pen's image with the swastika, to Madonna flashing different body parts at different shows including both breasts and also her butt.One thing's for sure, Madonna being Madonna, the controversies aren't likely to stop any time soon.WARNING: NSFW video - Madonna bares right breast in Paris

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  1. finigano01:41am Tuesday 31st July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    o gawd would madona ever just go away and put her wrinkly old tits away,,,,i dont want to see any of it or hear about her sad old cow

  2. Peter10:11pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    music should be music, not a vile advertisement for evil multiculturalism. Bring on the good old rock bands! like AC/DC , and Deep Purple.

  3. Ghost Hunter10:01pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    ( sniff - sniff ) PEWWWWWW ! What's that discussing stench ??? Smells as bad as rotting crayfish ! GO AWAY YOU FOUL OLD SKANK !

    1 Reply
  4. Anon.09:20pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    And you guys still adore American culture?? Sure, I'll pay $230AUD+ for 45 minutes, or less, of boob flashing and 80's music...NOT!! Look what you mindless people have gone and done, real art is dying swiftly and replaced with this meaningless, self absorbed crap! And then she blames others??? What a typical capitalist.

  5. Gumustreeus09:03pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Was it ur R-sole that just died?

  6. Sandrine08:26pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    The Olympia is not a night club at all.

  7. Whay hey08:04pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    My God! Madonna is still alive? She must be 90 odd now?

  8. Asia07:33pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I would blame her for poor performance, and she goes blaming poor fans!!!! She should really stop!!!

  9. Think about it07:14pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    This piece of old meat days are nearly over and will not except her age and will blame any other person or reason to make herself appear Ok but she is way past the IMPOSSIBLE TO OLD TO OLD AND NOT ATTRACTIVE EITHER

  10. John says06:22pm Monday 30th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Madonna's full of it! People paid outrageous prices for a night of top-flight Madonna and she served them a lousy 45 minutes! Seems she's ready to take the cash bot NOT ready to serve the flash!


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