July 18, 2012, 10:54 amThe Hype

"Backstreets back, alright!" (Again.) Oh how appropriate that the Backstreet Boys would have a song that would announce their fifth studio album and full group reunion 15 years before it actually happened.


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In case you missed it, word on the street is that the BSBs (yes, the ones that made you swoon in high school with the boy band moves and crazy 90s outfits and haircuts) are back together as the full five member group (this part we've kind of known about since April).

The Backstreet Boys back in 1997. Clockwise from bottom left they are Nick Carter, A.J. Maclean, Brian Litrell, Kevin Richardson and Howie D. Credit: Getty Images

Kevin Richardson, who left the boy band in 2006 but returned to the line-up occasionally over the last six years, has now officially returned to the fold full-time.What might make you giggle like a school girl (and dig out the BSB poster you had on your wall during your teen years) is that they're all back in the studio as well and are recording a new album in London.Speaking via satellite on Good Morning America, Howie Dorough (aka Howie D) said: "We're really excited - this actually is our first time in the studio together, all five of us, since 2005."

The Backstreet Boys during their GMA new album announcement. Credit: Backstreet Boys/Facebook

Via an official statement on their website, the boys said: "Backstreet Boys are reuniting, and Kevin Richardson is back! They are recording their new album in London right now, and they'll be making their first performance with all five members on Good Morning America on August 31st."And just to jog your memory, the Backstreet Boys are Nick Carter (the blonde one who dated Paris Hilton for five seconds and who's younger bro is Aaron Carter), Kevin Richardson (the tall one with the goatee), Brian Litrell (the other cute blonde who had open-heart surgery), Howie D (the businessman of the group who got into real estate and owns a charity) and finally A.J. Maclean (the one who always wore the crazy hats and sunglasses).Related Video: Stars before fame

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  1. Lynny06:13pm Wednesday 18th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Great to hear, welcome back Kevin. Love BSB always have.

  2. Ghost Hunter02:25pm Wednesday 18th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Someone throw some water onto the face of that VILE OLD CREATURE 'bend over' bob. Stupid old queer read Kid slug's comment and then he fainted with delight, thinking there really is a band (?) with such a name and he might be in luck.

  3. Hilda01:33pm Wednesday 18th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    yay i love the backstreet boys

  4. Ghost Hunter11:59am Wednesday 18th July 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    SO WHAT ??? Hopeless bunch of talentless dip-sticks !

    2 Replies

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